Food and beverage

High purity gypsum has been widely used in the food and beverage industries for many years either as a processing aid or as a natural food additive.

It can be used to stabilize and firm foods and regulate their acidity levels. It also adds calcium to food and is used as a dough conditioner. 
In beverages, it provides calcium enrichment and is an important additive in brewing, enhancing fermentation, clarity and shelf life of the product.



Natural high purity additive

Conforms to EU directives and regulations for food additives (where applicable)

Cost effective comparing with alternative solutions

Consistent quality and performance



Used as an additive in the formulation of Alginate and elastomer for food moulds, due to its colour (white) and specific granulometry.

Food Additive

Ground Gypsum Superfine White/FG200 are used as an additive in the manufacture of food stuffs for products meeting the requirements of E516 - Calcium Sulphate. 

Processing Aid

Used in the processing of raw materials and ingredients for food use, including sugar production, brewing and fish preservation.