Saint-Gobain Formula develops long term relationships with its customers for mutual economic benefits, creating long-lasting businesses that provide employment and support local communities around the world. We access available natural resources in a way that is both efficient and responsible, investing on our production processes and innovating on our products to maximise performance.

Business development

Saint-Gobain Formula works closely with its customers to help them to develop their business, in order to build together a sustainable partnership with economic benefits for all parties and communities involved.

Managing natural finite resources

Ensuring the long term sustainability of gypsum rock which is a finite material is paramount to Formula. We have implemented a series of initiatives linked to production process to minimise gypsum waste:

  • To ensure products are consistently produced within specifications
  • Packaging improvements to increase the shelf life for products 

Business and operational Excellence

Saint-Gobain Formula follows the World Class Manufacturing  Programme (WCM) and uses  its methods and techniques with the objective of consistently ‘getting it right first time’. By engaging the workforce wastes and losses are systematically reduced and eliminated.


We work hard to constantly improve the performance of our products. We have developed a series of higher performance plasters:

  • For our ceramics markets, to provide higher mould life, reduce production cycle times and increase productivity so less plaster is needed to obtain the same number of cast pieces
  • For our fibrous & decorative plaster market, so that less plaster is used to produce stronger, thinner and harder items