Sustainable construction


As a building materials manufacturer, we want to help our customers build more sustainably. Our purpose, Making the world a better home, leads us in this direction. The actions we take internally to reduce our own footprint matter greatly, but so does what we can do for the construction sector.


When we talk about sustainable construction, we believe that sustainability and performance should always go hand in hand.


For us, sustainable construction means buildings that are:

  • Better for the planet
  • Better for the people
  • Building of a better quality
  • Buildings with a better economic value

Building better for the planet

Better for the planet


The construction sector has a significant impact on the environment. Our solutions and services help reduce the footprint of the construction sector on the environment, from the construction of buildings to their demolition


How to build better for the planet? 

  • By increasing energy efficiency
  • By reducing embodied carbon emissions
  • By increasing the use of renewable energies
  • By reducing the use of non-renewable resources
  • By increased the lifetime and use rate
  • By reducing the amount of non-valorized C&D waste


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Building better for the people

For us at Saint-Gobain, sustainability does not only mean taking care of the planet, but also of people. We reduce health hazards and improve comfort, for both the occupants of the buildings and the builders who use our products. 


How to build better for people? 

  • By reducing builders' exposure to hazardous substances during installation
  • By improving working conditions for builders
  • By improving indoor air quality
  • By improving acoustics
  • By improving thermal comfort
  • By improving visual comfort


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Better for the people


Buildings with a better economic value

better economic value


Buildings must be performant at all stages of their lifecycle: thanks to high productivity during the design stage, construction process and installation; and thanks to an improved cost of ownership during the operational life and the end-of-life.


How to improve the economic value of buildings? 

  • Thanks to efficiency at the design stage of the building
  • Thanks to efficiency of the construction process
  • By optimizing cost of installation
  • By optimizing operating cost
  • Thanks to efficiency at end of life of the building
  • By increasing the value of property


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Buildings of a better quality

Improving the performance of buildings implies optimum quality. Materials and solutions used must guarantee that the building will last. Availability of solutions with diverse looks is also important to adapt the construction to evolving design trends


How to improve the quality of buildings?

  • By using solutions with a guaranteed quality
  • By using long-lasting solutions
  • By using dedicated solutions for safety and / or protection
  • By choosing the right colors & finishes
  • By providing versatility of shapes
  • By developing wide architectural possibilities


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Buildings of a better quality