Research and Innovation are at the heart of Saint-Gobain Formula’s strategy. We focus both on continuously improving our products, processes and services and on developing bespoke solutions to fulfil the needs of our customers. 

Collaboration with our customers

Through the relationships built with our customers we aim to consistently adapt and enhance our products to meet customer needs worldwide and to provide support on problem-solving, including on non-plaster parameters.


Continuous product improvement

Saint-Gobain Formula works hard to constantly improve the performance of its products and we have developed a series of higher performance plasters which help to increase the performance and efficiency of our customers’ process.


Compete in current markets and explore new uses of gypsum and plasters

We keep a close look on our markets and our processes to remain competitive and to provide value added products to our customers. 

With the support of Saint-Gobain’s Research Centres around the world, we study and develop the use of gypsum in new markets and with new  technologies. 

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Anticipate future challenges

In the current ever-changing world, we aim to focus on anticipating demand and innovate to adapt to new industrial technologies and to support our customers with adjusting to the new methods of manufacture. We utilise a number of NPD tools to identify and prioritise innovation projects for today and the future.