Food, Agriculture and Environment

Gypsum is a natural mineral which has safely been used in a wide range of applications, from soil conditioning or soil remediation to calcium enrichment in food processes.


Natural additive with high purity and proven results

Easy to use in very demanding applications such as agriculture, food (human and animal) and the environment

Particle sizes can be adapted to the requirements of the application

Certified products for use in food and/or animal feed


Saint-Gobain Formula offers a range of solutions suitable for a wide variety of applications

Food and beverage

High purity gypsum has been widely used in the food and beverage industries for many years either as a processing aid or as a natural food additive.

Animal Feed

High purity gypsum and plaster provide nutritional benefits and are widely used as a feed material for animals.


Gypsum is a natural additive used as a raw material in fertiliser, horticultural dressings, pesticides and mushroom compost. It is also a proven solution in soil conditioning and helps to improve the crop yield.


The main uses of gypsum and plaster for environmental applications are for water treatment and for the manufacture of absorbents.