Specialist Industries

Due to the specific characteristics of gypsum and plaster, these materials have been successfully used for many years on a wide range of specialist applications.



High purity gypsum is used in the formulation of alginate compounds which are used for foodstuffs, textiles and also in pharmaceutical applications.

Oil well drilling muds

The function of gypsum in this application are twofold, firstly lubricating the drilling head and then secondly carrying away the resulting debris. 

Stopping materials for mines

Casting plasters are used for the construction of stopping walls in underground mines to help control air flow.


Used as an additive or a filler for fungicides required for phytosanitary treatments as it improves its physical properties/characteristics .

Slug control/ Insecticides

Gypsum is used as a carrier for the chemicals contained in insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. These are used in both agricultural and horticultural applications.

Cathodic protection or Sacrificial Anodes

Gypsum is used as backfill to protect an underground metal structure, for example a pipeline or tank, against corrosion

Glass manufacture

Calcium sulphate used to provide the sulphate which is needed during the manufacture of glass to ensure the maintenance of the proper colour.

Coke oven sealants

Powdered gypsum is used to seal the lids of the large charging holes at the top of the ovens, to prevent gasses being discharged while the lids are closed 

Setting time additive

Gypsum can be used in plaster formulations to accelerate the setting characteristics of the plaster

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