Our goal is to keep our employees safe, making sure they feel valued, and providing them with excellent personal development and career opportunities. We are very proud of our fund raising activities, with which we support local initiatives in our community.

Principles of Conduct and Action

Saint-Gobain Formula is fully committed to the Principles of Conduct which are fundamental values that unite the entire Saint-Gobain community, from senior management to junior staff: professional commitment, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and solidarity.

And to the Principles of Action which guide the actions of all corporate leaders and employees in the performance of their duties: respect for the law, caring for the environment, compliance with workplace health and safety guidelines and respect for employee rights.

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EHS and employee well-being

Saint-Gobain Formula is highly committed to EHS, going beyond national legal requirements and drawing upon substantial financial and human resources, to work towards ambitious objectives. Saint-Gobain EHS Charter aims to achieve:

  • ZERO work related accidents,
  • ZERO occupational illnesses,
  • ZERO environmental accidents and minimum impact t of our activities.

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Support community development – Fundraising

We work alongside local charities to help increase awareness of their activity amongst the community as well as raise funds on their behalf.  We also actively support requests from different good causes close to our employees.

Career progression and training

We are proud of the training and development our colleagues enjoy not just in Formula but also in the wider Saint-Gobain.  Employees have the opportunity to discuss their requirements on a regular basis.  This supports their long-term professional growth and development within the company.

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