Food Additive

Ground Gypsum Superfine White/FG200 are used as an additive in the manufacture of food stuffs for products meeting the requirements of E516 - Calcium Sulphate. 

High purity gypsum is utilised in the formulation of flour improvers, for the making of bread, biscuits and any other flour based products. 

It is an inexpensive carrier for the minerals, vitamins, enzymes and iron that are added with the flour. A premix of these materials is generally made which is then added to the flour. 
Gypsum is also used as a low cost extender of flour and as a  calcium supplement.

It can be used in industrial bakery or it can be added to bread mixes that are supplied direct to customers to ‘bake their own’ bread. The presence of gypsum is thought to improve the texture of the dough in baking. 
Gypsum is used as a flour improver for Soya flour, in the production of Soya ‘chunks’, as a meat replacement.

Benefits of Usage

  • Inert and relatively light weight. The material will not change over long periods of time
  • Conforms to EU directives and regulations for food additives