Processing Aid

Used in the processing of raw materials and ingredients for food use, including sugar production, brewing and fish preservation.

In these applications, purity levels as well as good manufacturing processes are very important and quality controls are becoming tighter.

In brewing, gypsum is commonly added to the water to make fine ales. The calcium in the gypsum helps to control the pH of the ‘mash’ which helps to ensure the correct conditions are maintained for proper enzyme reaction. It also assists the yeast in coagulating at the end of the brewing cycle and allows it to sink, so that it can be removed more easily. The sulphate imparts a drier, more bitter taste to beer, which in certain parts of the world such us the UK, tends to be most popular and it is also essential to the fermentation process.

In the case of the sugar beet processing, ground gypsum has been used for many years as a pulp pressing aid as it improves the pressing of the sugar pulp by binding the pectin chains present in the outer most layer of each cell wall. This results in the cell walls having much greater strength which allows more water to be removed on pressing. improving process efficiency.


  • High purity natural additive
  • Provides cost benefits through process optimisation
  • Safe to use