Slip Casting

We supply controlled porosity plaster for slip casting. This is a traditional process to manufacture moulds for the ceramic industry.


In Slip Casting, the porosity of the plaster mould absorbs the water in the ceramic slurry, taking the shape of the mould and creating the cake.

The thickness of this "skin" is proportional to the time for which it is allowed to form.

Saint-Gobain Formula is able to control the porosity and the absorption capacity of the moulds, allowing manufacturers to extend production speed and mould life.

Each of our local manufacturing sites supplies a wide range of tailor-made solutions adapted to every type of clay such as vitreous, bone china, fine fired clay or refractories.

Our solutions are suitable for slip casting, solid casting or hollow casting with several castings per day,  long mould life and perfect reproduction of details.

Slip casting process


  • Universal technology adapted to every design and every clay
  • Dedicated plaster solution for sanitaryware, tableware and abrasive clay with porosity control
  • Multicasting (MC) and multipressure (MP) innovative technologies offer extended mould life and several casts per day